I only discovered this movie last week and what a discovery! I officially integrated the club of people who are wondering why this terrific movie hasn't been nominated in any (musical) category at the Oscars.


The story takes place in Ireland in the 80s, period where new bands were super hype and famous such as Gold, Duran Duran, The Cure... A young teenager, Conor aka Cosmo, played by Ferdia Walsh-Peelo starts a rock band in order to seduce a beautiful girl, a "model" called Raphina. Despite being bullied a little bit the band - composed by 5 other guys : Eamon, Darren, Ngig, Larry and Garry - encounters quite a success. Everyone has a special talent. There's a multi intrumentist and a writer, a funny manager, the only black of the school... well, they don't despair and keep going creating new songs, singing, performing.

The songs played in the movie are amazing, very entertaining, lively. We even get the chance to hear the amazing voice of Adam Levine on the title "Go Now". The playlist is truly superb.

Everything in this movie deserves more recognition : songs, clothes, atmosphere, dialogues.

Here's the trailer and the "official song" :




Thi movie is about finding his place, pursuing his dreams, never giving up, being strong, tolerant, respectful, a little bit adventurous and brave. The thing is you have to dare doing stuff. If you dont you're not gonna move and you'll stay at the same place forever. This is why the big brother was so happy at the end of the movie. His little brother had the courage to leave everything behind him unlike him who stayed with the parents.

I loved it because it put you in an incredible mood. You're smiling, you're happy and you can't stop singing (at least that's my case).

It was better than some of the musical movies I've seen because it has a soul. And truly that's the secret of a movie : soul, fire, heartful.