05 mars 2018

Call Me By Your Name: review (Book & Movie)

Call Me By Your Name


To read only if you’ve seen the movie because of course there are spoilers!

Plus, it’s no more than some of my thoughts rather than a review.


Oscar nominations, great reviews, covers, promotional tours…it’s hard to miss the new cinema phenomenon “Call Me By Your Name” directed by Luca Guadagnino and starring Timothée Chalamet (youngest nominee since 1939 – he’s 22 years old) and Armie Hammer.


Here’s what I thought of both the book (written by André Aciman in 2007) and the movie:

                This was one of the books that I’ve most loved lately. It’s pure perfection. I never read anything like this. It’s real, true, sincere. André Aciman plays with words as love plays with our hearts. Every single word is accurate, precise, sharp, right. I felt everything.

Reading it was like a tempest. I went through all situations: I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I was happy but also pissed off (so much!), often angry towards Oliver but the other time my anger was against Elio. At Oliver because one time he was saying something and the next time it was already something else. Then, I felt sorry for Elio but then he pissed me off too because he wants Oliver but few hours later he’s like “No I don’t want you anymore”.

Angry at Elio…or was it against myself? Because here’s the thing. This book or especially the character of Elio, could perfectly personify, embody your life whether you’re gay or not. We find ourselves in Elio somehow. We can totally relate to him, his hopes, fears, dreams, illusions or hallucinations, nightmares… It’s like this book is your own tempest.

Some sentences were so true and felt so real, and I could literally hear inside my head my voice saying “Yeah, this is exactly it! This is what I think or what I feel! It’s insane! Is the author inside my head?” Words are powerful. Though, the last part of the book is what really killed me. I seriously cried all through the last 50 pages so hard…Sometimes I barely could see through my tears. I’ve never cried that much over a book. The speech of the dad…the idea of Oliver’s leaving…his and Elio’s last moments together... Well, it was deeply moving, overwhelming, fascinating, real (truth) and so natural.

In the end, in some parts of the book we could wonder if Elio was more in love with the idea of being in love or with Oliver…but that’s debatable.

 “Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine”. That sentence. At first, before reading the book and knowing nothing about the story, I made the assumption it was like “your name”… one day we’ll get married, we’ll exchange our names. For me, it was their way to link to one another. But I was so wrong. Actually, it was the fact of calling one another by each other’s name to intensify, deepen the feels while they were having sex, to feel more, to feel full as one body. I guess. If I remember well, Oliver says something such as “it’s like making love to yourself”.


              This book is all about youth, finding who we are, finding our path. It’s an introspection of ourselves. The book revisits this so huge classic that is first love, the heartbreak, and which impact it has on you as a person.  But this is also discovering who and how you are with someone else.

I may add that the book and the movie goes further in the way that, of course, a person can change your life but a place as well. Their story happened in Crema (and nearby), that will never change but it has changed the people who were there (E & O). Each of them has left a piece of their personality in Crema, in Italy and it’s crazier when you think it was over such a short period of time. They arrive the way they were but leave forever changed thanks to different factors: the environment, the Italian atmosphere, even the weather may have played a role. What I mean is that it’s not just a combination of circumstances that brought Elio and Oliver closer to one another. And also, this experience changed them in a common manner but mostly in an individual manner.

Actually, there’s one thing I don’t get. Oliver could have leave his life from the US, walk away from it and choose to stay with Elio. He loved Elio so much so it’s hard to understand. He could have stayed but no…he decided to get married with somebody else and have kids. Of course, I understand, as he says in the book his dad would have send him in a correction house. To be honest, I think the role of the parents had a huge role in the story. See, Elio lives freely, experience lots of things, talks about everything to his parents, confides in his parents a lot because they permit it and they raised their kid this way. They are very open-minded. Nothing will ever be more beautiful than this speech given by Elio’s dad. They accept who their son is, they’re even very proud. And this is why Elio is dreamier about this relationship, allows himself to feel more and even more painfully we may add. Oliver, always knew in a part of this mind that he will eventually have to go back to his old life.


             However, the book goes further than the movie actually and this is where things tend to differ. Normally, Oliver comes back after leaving that summer and it’s during his short stay that he announces to Elio, face-to-face then, that he’s gonna get married. Elio takes it well at first just to hide his disillusionment, his pain and the fact that he’s crushed and broken. That sorrow is the hardest he’ll ever have to face. But the book goes further, and we meet again Elio and Oliver throughout the years until 20 years later actually. They rediscover themselves. To be fair, there’s something strange and funny with the book related to this part. In the first part, it’s all about Elio, there’s little of Oliver’s opinions but the last part it’s the opposite: we know little about what Elio has been up to for the past 20 years whereas we know a lot of Oliver and his family. But after all this time, their relationship is still beautiful and sincere, and they’ve never forgotten what they had, what they’ve been through. Like Oliver says “I’m just like you. I remember everything”. They remember a couple of days which happened 20 years ago like if it had happened yesterday and it’s so much more than what people can usually wish for.

The last paragraph is the one of the best ones ever written because it still symbolizes Elio’s hope and desire at the same time. He just wants Oliver to turn around and call him one last time by his name: “If you remember everything, I wanted to say, and if you are really like me, then before you leave tomorrow, or when you're just ready to shut the door of the taxi [...] look me in the face, hold my gaze, and call me by your name".

And this is where the movie differs because it ends with Elio learning Oliver’s wedding over the phone. Then, Elio goes to the fireplace, sits in front of it and starts crying.

Timothée Chalamet’s performance in this very last scene is nothing short of spectacular. He’s a wonderful actor.  He cries for about one minute, even more, the look lost in the flames. His tears are rolling down his cheeks. It seems the world keeps spinning around him, Elio is like in his own bubble. We keep hearing the noises around him, of the kitchen, the dishes tinkling between them, people walking around. It’s so intense and we just feel all this pain. I was so breathless during this entire sequence. Timmy is showing all the facets of his acting. And then, suddenly we hear Elio’s mum saying his name, once, twice and Elio finally gets out of his bubble and turns his head in direction of his mum who is standing behind him.  Even this gesture is full of symbols. It represents Elio turning towards the future and towards the thought it’s perhaps time to finally move on.


             Moreover, the soundtrack was such a pleasure for the ears. Sufjan Stevens is signing here two incredible songs: “Mystery of Love” (nominated for the Best Original Song Academy Award) and “Visions of Gideon”. What is well thought out is that the lyrics sticks to the story but mostly to the scenes shown on screen.  For instance, “Mystery of Love” is about first times like “The first time that you kissed me / The first time that you touched me” whereas “Visions of Gideon”, which is at the end of the movie, is all about last times with “I have loved you for the last time / I have touched you for the last time / And I have kissed you for the last time”. The latter, intensifies the fireplace scene so much. Actually, I’ve read somewhere that to get into the emotion of the scene Timothée had a earplug playing this song so it could feel the lyrics and it meant so that tears could come down naturally.

Plus, there are songs representing the “international side” of the movie. Like French songs “Bandolero – Paris Latino” or Italian ones “J’adore Venise – Loredana Berte”. In fact, in the movie the actors are speaking French, English, Italian, etc. Actually, Timmy who is French and American had to learn Italian before filming but also how to play the piano. There are lots of scenes with Elio playing the piano and transcribing music. He’s very talented and the “classical” soundtrack is on point as well. In truth, the piano is an object of its own. A tool to the story. It represents dialogues between Elio and Oliver especially at the beginning where Oliver is asking Elio to play over and over again. But also in this scene where the family receives some friends. The piano is like an obstacle between Oliver running up the stairs and Elio sadness downstairs depicting the distance between them at this moment of the film.


                However, there are parts of the book which aren’t present that much in the movie. But that didn’t bother me because the way it was filmed offset all the “negative” we might encounter while watching. By “negative” I mean the negative effects of not having Elio’s thoughts for instance like in the book. I think the cinematography was awesome. Those long sequences, plans with the characters disappearing of the screen in the horizon was a way to slow the pace of the movie. The silence of the scenes sometimes was a time of reflection and contemplation. It was like taking a step back to get a better view. For me, some of those scenes can be assimilated to Elio’s state of mind, thoughts, doubts…it was a way of expression by itself.

We don’t have the information as well about Oliver’s swimsuits (which could have been great to be honest) or the poetry side or art (Monet secret spot) which lead Oliver in the book to take Monet’s painting in Elio’s bedroom. Talking about art, the book author’s is always making references. He writes about peoms, tragedies, other people’s struggles in literature but in fact, pretty much all of them refer to Elio and Oliver’s story. It’s heart-breaking and devastating sometimes.

But actually, for Elio’s point of view, I think it was a good thing I read the book first, before going to the movies, because it makes the movie even more intense. Plus, Timothée did an amazing job. It was a prowess of acting. We could feel what he felt, know what he thought thanks to his face. Timmy is like an open book with very expressive eyes and gestures which help a lot to understand the complexity of his character. He’s given all of himself, he wasn’t scared to play “fully”. He brought this complexity of the character to life (sometimes a little clumsy, insecure, sincere…). Elio’s break down at the train station, for example, after Oliver left, was poignant, understandable, calling out his mum to get the support he needed. It was a cry for help.

Some scenes were like reading the book which is rare for an adaptation like the one where is crying in Oliver’s arms or him sneaking into (his) Oliver’s bedroom.

Moreover, James Ivory did great adapting the book to the screen. He won the Oscar of Best Screenplay on March 4th, 2018 making him the oldest recipient (89 years old) ever in the Oscar’s history.


                In the movie, some scenes don’t need any explanations at all and shine on their own, without any word…

For instance, Elio’s dad speech was as deep as in the book. It was a very emotional moment. And to be honest, it was a living experience. In the book, with this part I burst into tears, literally. I didn’t want to relive this experience at the movies especially with so many people around me in the room. But, I cried…again. However, what was “fun” to watch was that I had exactly the same reaction as Timothée acting…At first, you’re okay, you just listen to what the dad has to say but the more the speech goes further and the more the feels arrive and we can see Tim go white a little, so as us, holding his breath like us…and then, the camera goes back to him in the end and we can see the tears in his eyes ready to fall just like us. It’s like a long process. This scene represents the perfect depiction of family love and more particularly the father and son’s relationship. Elio is feeling understood by his dad and even if he’s sad I think here he’s mostly grateful to have such an understanding father.

Also, the scene in the car… no words…just a song. We can observe Elio’s layers of sadness in this scene. The song is actually the one that was played on the radio in the bar when Oliver went to play poker with Elio.

PEACH. Yeah I think most of us know what this word means. Personally (& so as my friends) we’ll never going to see a peach the same way ever again. Tim did such a great job here. It takes bravery to play such a scene and I’m glad they still decided to keep this scene and especially I’m glad they kept it as truthful as inside the book. Armie’s acting was on point here as well.


                By the way, let’s talk about Armie Hammer. I’m so disappointed he doesn’t have the recognition he deserves for this movie. He didn’t get as many nominations and awards as I hoped he would. Actually, I’d die to have a “prequel” of Oliver’s life. He’s such an interesting character, complex with multiple facets. I was sad in the book we didn’t get more Oliver’s point of view. It could have been nice to see what he thought of Elio and about this entire situation. But in the other hand, this is why I’m happy about the movie because we had close-face camera shots of Oliver like on his reactions. And this was great because it gave us insights of his mind. Also watching Armie Hammer’s moves on the dancefloor is the best thing EVER!

Also, we’ll never forget the now famous (or should I say infamous) “Later!”. Elio thinks it’s arrogant to say that. But using “Later” is like a way of never going away because “later” is incomplete, it’s an unfinished word. By saying this Oliver shows is here, present, near by and that he’s not far away. With time, it becomes a mark of almost affection. Even the parents say it when Oliver leaves. Maybe I’m crazy but I looked up for the etymology of the word “Later” as Elio’s dad and Oliver do in the book and movie. The etymology is quite fun and ironic I would say because the suffix “-later” is from the Greek “Latrēs” which means “worshipper”. And it’s funny because it’s Elio in the book that says to Oliver “Do I like you Oliver? I worship you”. It’s a very nice parallel.

Finally, the look Oliver gives Elio the last morning, in that bedroom, overlooking Elio while he’s still asleep, was so …waou! Powerful and magnificent. Armie did so well. At this moment, we eventually see he’s suffused with sadness. It’s like a knife in the heart.


                The book is special to me. It left me wordless, upset. Reading it is an experience by itself. It gives you chills, goosebumps. You feel the passion, the sensations, the discussions between the characters are deep, profound. Most of all, the book is sensitive, captivating, timeless and modern. The book, and by default the movie, is about confronting your feelings, searching yourself. You feel like you know something but unless you try it you’ll never know. You have to try your own experiences (Elio’s parents are all for it like I said).

We can see Elio’s attachment to Oliver. It’s almost a possessive one. We can see that in some sentences such as “I don’t want him to be this way with other people if I’m not there, if he’s not like that with me” “I want him to be with other people as he is with me”. But Elio is very wise, so it helps him getting through all the obstacles he might encounter on his way. We see this as weel while Elio is talking to his dad stating that he wouldn’t be him without Oliver and to what his dad responds that Oliver wouldn’t be him without Elio as well. It’s a powerful relationship.


               And it’s in the book that we understand more easily why it has taken so long for the both of them to get together. Like I said I was frustrated about this but the fact is they are the two shiest people in the world! So the story is about misreadings, misunderstandings as well. Oliver was in love since day one, when Elio blushed but they only started being together weeks later, a couple of weeks, days before Oliver’s departure. It seems so unfair in a way.

Plus, in the last part, Elio knows Oliver’s going away soon but he still lives his life acting like if Oliver’s always gonna be here and like if tomorrow wasn’t the next day. The last paragraph of this last part is mostly about a poem of San Clemente (which I’m kind of sad they didn’t mention in the movie) and Elio says “We should go to San Clemente tomorrow!” and here Oliver responds “Tomorrow is today” and actually, I think this is where we know the story ends between them. I was overwhelmed by all those feelings. It was a rollercoaster. One second you’re happy seeing them dancing in the streets and then one second after you’re running out of tissues!

“Call Me By Your Name” truly gives a total new aspect to this sentence that is “If not now, when?”.


Just to conclude, here’s some information:

            Timothée said in an interview that the film taught him some stuff about love like for instance, when you love you have to love fully, jump right in and if you suffer that’s totally normal, it means you’re doing it right.

                Luca Guadagnino is already working on a sequel alongside André Aciman. The story should be set 5 or 6 years later and still starring Timothée and Armie. In my opinion the movie ends in a perfect way. Of course, it’s tragic, it leaves the spectator quite frustrated, but it works. So, it could have been a great ending and that’s why I’m not entirely sure what to expect next. Honestly, I don’t know what to think about this sequel.


And you, what's your opinion on "Call Me By Your Name" ?


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22 mars 2017

Sing Street : review



I only discovered this movie last week and what a discovery! I officially integrated the club of people who are wondering why this terrific movie hasn't been nominated in any (musical) category at the Oscars.


The story takes place in Ireland in the 80s, period where new bands were super hype and famous such as Gold, Duran Duran, The Cure... A young teenager, Conor aka Cosmo, played by Ferdia Walsh-Peelo starts a rock band in order to seduce a beautiful girl, a "model" called Raphina. Despite being bullied a little bit the band - composed by 5 other guys : Eamon, Darren, Ngig, Larry and Garry - encounters quite a success. Everyone has a special talent. There's a multi intrumentist and a writer, a funny manager, the only black of the school... well, they don't despair and keep going creating new songs, singing, performing.

The songs played in the movie are amazing, very entertaining, lively. We even get the chance to hear the amazing voice of Adam Levine on the title "Go Now". The playlist is truly superb.

Everything in this movie deserves more recognition : songs, clothes, atmosphere, dialogues.

Here's the trailer and the "official song" :




Thi movie is about finding his place, pursuing his dreams, never giving up, being strong, tolerant, respectful, a little bit adventurous and brave. The thing is you have to dare doing stuff. If you dont you're not gonna move and you'll stay at the same place forever. This is why the big brother was so happy at the end of the movie. His little brother had the courage to leave everything behind him unlike him who stayed with the parents.

I loved it because it put you in an incredible mood. You're smiling, you're happy and you can't stop singing (at least that's my case).

It was better than some of the musical movies I've seen because it has a soul. And truly that's the secret of a movie : soul, fire, heartful.


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22 décembre 2016

Jackie & Ryan : review

                     The other day I was watching Narnia again on TV, the second opus and I saw Ben Barnes. I already liked him a lot at that time. It reminded me as well of the time he played Dorian Gray and there, I totally fell in love him with him. So when I learnt he was starring in this musical drama movie "Jackie & Ryan" I got intrigued. I read the synopsis and thought "OK cool, this is going to be a nice little movie, entertaining but nothing more". To be honest, I thought it would be the kind of film you can watch while doing something else. But here's the thing: I was wrong. Once I started it I just could'nt stop staring at my screen. For me, Ben Barnes has been a revelation! I didn't even know he could sing! OMG! Sign him please and make him record and release an album of his own songs straight away! He has an amazing voice, deep and cracked.




                     It's quite funny because Ben, who plays Ryan, is British so I guess he worked a little more on his accent so it can sound a little bit more as an American one and it's pretty convincing. Ryan, he's a traveller, a wanderer carrying his guitar everywhere and singing in different places where the route leads him. So when he meets Jackie (Katherine Heigl) who encounters some issues he decide to stay with her and her daughter for a little while. We can say the story eventually ends up being about life, love, music, adventure, freedom and roots. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the relationship between Ryan and Lia (Jackie's daughter). He's great with kids. But I think his story as well as Cowboy's could have been more deepened and detailed. We don't know much and that's kind of frustrating. 

                      Let's talk about his partner in the movie, Katherine Heigl. Unlike him, she's not a singer so we only hear her a couple of times. To be honest, it could have been another story, not neccesarily the one of a single mum, former country singer who had to go back to her own mum after a divorce. Jackie wasn't very "useful". It's strange because on the other hand she was important because she represented the "home" factor for Ryan who after running away from his house at 16, and jumping from place to place, actually find the place he can call home. It goes the same with the ex-husband. We're losing time in the movie by seeing him and hearing about him so often for, let's be honest, nothing.

                       Finally, the movie made me think of the songs from Alabama Monroe. It's the same register and atmosphere. Of course, we can't compare the two because Alabama Monroe is a masterpiece.


So, go buy the soundtrack, it's fabulous and take the time to watch it! You'll like independent movies even more afterwards.


27 août 2015

Always Woodstock : review

always woodstock


==> 6/10

          First thing I have to say is "What a great casting !". Indeed, few of them are known for other famous work such as Brittany Snow in Pitch Perfect 2; Katey Sagal in Sons of Anarchy; Ryan Guzman in Step Up 5 and also Rumer Willis, James Wolk, Allison Miller...

        Always Woodstock is a nice romantic movie. Characters have great storylines and all the movie turns around music. Catherine Brown (Allison Miller), who's going back to her family town: Woodstock, has a really nice voice and country music she sings is evrything we love to hear.

            The movie is not cheesy as we might think at first. Things are done in a very natural way and with subtility.

         Moreover, it's about discovering the person inside us, find our believes and the values we want to support in life. It represents authenticity. Of course it's not the movie of the year but you'll have a pleasant time while watching.

And like Catherine's father would say : " If it's not working there's always Woodstock"


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26 août 2015

Le Virtuose (Boychoir) : critique



==> 8/10

            Au casting de ce long métrage, Dustin Hoffman, très convaincant en chef de chorale (Maître Carvelle) pour l'American Boychoir School. Il joue un professeur strict, pas très souriant, dur envers les élèves mais qui va tout faire pour aider Stet, le fameux "virtuose" auquel le titre rapporte, à devenir meilleur.

Le jeune garçon, Stet, interprété par Garrett Wareing, est un talent à suivre. Nul doute qu'une carrière brillante est à venir que ce soit dans le registre musical ou filmatographique. Aussi, le registre classique est bien choisit et donne droit à de magnifiques performances. On retrouve également l'acteur Kevin McCale, plus connu pour le rôle d'Artie dans Glee. Il délivre ici une autre facette de son jeu d'acteur.


        Ce film est en quelque sorte le remake de "Les Choristes" version américaine. Ma préférence est peut-être pour "Les Choristes", film français de Christophe Barratier, sorti en 2003, où l'émotion y était davantage présente. Je me souviens avoir versé des petites larmes dans le film français alors qu'ici pas du tout, et ce, malgré l'ambiance émouvante du film.

Il est vrai que "Le Virtuose" reprend à peu près la même histoire, à savoir un garçon perturbé, bagarreur qui derrière cette carapace cache un grand potentiel et un talent fou pour la musique. Autre ressemblance mais cette fois-ci au niveau des personnages. En effet, Maître Carvelle au départ peut s'apparenter à Mr Rachin puis petit à petit devenir comme Clément Matthieu (Gérard Jugnot). Wooly (Kevin McCale), quant à lui, nous est apparu comme un Clément Matthieu dès le début et enfin, Stet est comparable à Pierre Morhange (Jean-Baptiste Maunier).

Cependant, les points communs s'arrêtent là car il est vrai que les deux films ne se situent ni dans la même époque ni dans le même contexte.


Très bon film ,vraiment touchant qui mérite donc d'être regardé.


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15 août 2015

Pitch Perfect 2 : critique



==> 8/10

          Les Bellas de Barden sont de retour sur les grands écrans ! Sorti le 7 mai dernier, cet opus nous plonge dans une autre ambiance. Un petit air un peu "plus adulte" par certains moments plane sur le film. En effet, les filles se soucient plus de leur avenir comme on peut le constater de manière claire avec Becca ayant intégré en tant que stagiaire une entreprise de production musicale.

        Cependant, il y a toujours autant d'humour et de fou rire notamment grâce à Rebel Wilson qui arrive toujours à faire sourire même dans les moments "tragiques" ou du moins dans les moments plus sérieux que le groupe de filles vont devoir affronter.

        Les chansons sont excellentes, une sélection au top! Nous avons même le droit à un remix de "Cups", version feu de camp et avec des harmonies parfaites, qui nous donne des frissons. En tout cas, la sauce prend à merveille.



         Cette fois-ci les Bellas ont des adversaires redoutables qui ne sont autres que les Das Sound Machine. Ce groupe allemand fait frémir. Entre attitude guerrière et chants modernes, ils n'ont peur de rien et sont prêts à tout pour gagner. 

          Ce qui est intéressant d'observer dans Pitch Perfect 2, c'est que chacune des Bellas a su conserver sa personnalité et son grain de folie. De plus, Haileen Steinfeld qui prête ses traits à la nouvelle recrue, Emily Junk, est très bien en Bella. Sa voix est magnifique, elle fait preuve d'un grand talent et de créativité qui aide à renouveller en quelque sorte la ligne du film pour le troisième opus de la franchise, prévu pour le 21 juillet 2017. Cette dernière, a d'ailleurs l'avantage d'apporter elle aussi une autre personnalité dans le groupe avec une touche voire même une "folie" très personnelle.    

          Le point négatif va principalement être, pour les fans du couple Becca/Jesse, le manque de scènes ensemble. Il est vrai que l'on voit Jesse mais de manière tout de même moins présente que dans le précédent film.

         Personnellement, j'ai une petite préférence pour le premier opus qui montrait davantage l'ambiance universitaire. De même que le début du film m'a déplu dans le sens où les Bellas se sont complétement perdues et j'ai trouvé que ce sentiment traînait vraiment en longueur avant qu'elles ne décident d'aller retrouver leur ex-leader Aubrey. D'ailleurs, j'ai vraiment apprécié ces moments passés dans la camp dirigé par Aubrey.

Bref, musique au top, des barres de rires garanties, tous les ingrédients sont là pour passer un excellent moment.

A voir et à revoir !





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18 avril 2015

Quelques critiques de mes derniers visionnages

Affiches de Films (Divers)2




===> 7/10

J'attendais ce film avec impatience. Je ne suis pas déçue mais je reste quand même sur ma faim... En effet, le film nous montre parfaitement cet état d'esprit de liberté, d'aventure; cependant, je n'ai pas ressenti autant d'émotions que lorsque j'ai regardé "Into The Wild" de Sean Penn,par exemple, ou "On The Road" (le livre).

"Wild" est un road trip à sa façon. C'est une quête de soi avant tout. Reese Witherspoon est très émouvante et nous convainc par son interpétation de Cheryl Strayed, ancienne héroïnomane, se lançant seule sur la route. Elle affronte la nature, les aléas de la météo, la vie sauvage....

On rêve tous de voir le monde, de dépasser nos limites. Cheryl part, ici, pour se retrouver. Elle suit une quête vers une nouvelle vie. Elle fuit cette vie qui l'a tant fait souffrir et désappointer. Mais pour ma part il me manquait une petite étincelle, un petit quelque chose qui aurait rendu le film inoubliable.



Fast and Furious 7

===> 8/10

Un film dont on va entendre parler encore longtemps. Action, émotions, explosions....tout y était !! Je pense qu'au niveau action, le film est le meilleur de la franchise. Des cascades vraiment excellentes et un fil conducteur (scénario) cohérent, autant dire un long métrage réussi.

De plus, et on ne peut pas parler du film sans l'évoquer, le magnifique et émouvant hommage à Paul Walker, disparu tragiquement en novembre 2013. On sent vraiment transparaître l'amour et le respect avec lesquels les acteurs et équipes de production ont produit, tourné, monté le film.

L'humour, encore une fois, était présent et on ne voit pas les 2h20 passer. Bref, je le recommande fortement si vous voulez passer un bon moment.



La Famille Bélier

===> 7/10

Louane Emera, césar du meilleur espoir féminin 2015, porte sur ses épaules ce film français d'Eric Lartigau. C'est un beau film, drôle et touchant, mêlant rires et larmes. On découvre Louane, la chanteuse (bon d'accord on en avait déjà eu un petit aperçu) mais également la comédienne. Pour un premier film je l'ai trouvé très à l'aise et elle-même. 

Pour ce qui est du film en lui même, il est vraiment très intéressant et le choix des chansons permet d'attirer différentes générations. La voix de Louane est pure et nous émeut énormément. On notera également le fait que l'handicap dans ce film n'est pas vu comme une "tare" mais comme un élément à part entière de la personne qui leur permet d'avancer, de se surpasser et de se battre tout simplement jour par jour. Le père de Paula Bélier (Louane), interprété par François Damiens se présente pour le poste de maire, les parents possèdent une exploitation agricole...ils sont dans la vie active ! 

Je vous conseille donc de voir ce film au scénario original et qui vous fera passer par toutes les émotions.



Les Poings Contre les Murs

===> 8/10

David Mackenzie nous livre là une image de l'univers carcéral très réaliste et poignant. Porté par des acteurs talentueux, le film est loin de toute vision manichéenne. Nous ne sommes pas plongés dans un monde où ces hommes sont considérés comme mauvais. Nous sommes loin des préjugés; ainsi on peut se faire notre propre opinion.

Jack O'Connell est brilliant dans le rôle d'Eric Love, jeune homme de 19 ans, qui se retrouve dans la même prison que son père. (Ce rôle lui a d'ailleurs valu diverses distinctions). Eric doit prouver qu'il est fort et qu'il peut surmonter malgré son jeune âge, les codes d'une prison pour adulte tout en essayant de régler ses différends avec son père (interprété par l'excellent acteur australien Ben Mendelsohn). Eric est violent et animé par une profonde colère, rage.

Film puissant, vif, à l'atmosphère torturée et tumultueuse qui vaut vraiment le coup de visionner. Entre violence et émotions Mackenzie signe là un de ses meilleurs films. Attention tout de même pour les plus jeunes, certaines paroles et images peuvent être choquantes. 


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21 mars 2015

Glee, c'est fini !




Après six ans de bons et loyaux services, la série de la FOX a enfin tiré sa révérance hier soir lors d'un émouvant "season finale". Deux heures de rires, de larmes, de joie, de tristesse....bref, toutes les émotions par lesquelles Glee nous a fait passer durant six saisons à travers la musique, la danse, la théâtre. On a grandit en suivant ces comédiens/chanteurs à l'écran.

Ce show, souvenez-vous en, a débuté sur cette base de tolérance, de respect et de partage. Et s'est poursuivi malgré des hauts et des bas. On s'est attaché aux personnages tellement l'identification à eux était facile et immédiate.


Voici quelques unes de mes performances musicales favorites (oui seulement quelques unes car si je pouvais je crois que je les mettrais presque toutes)


Lea Michele - This time





Lea Michele - Make you feel my love



Lea Michele and Cory Monteith - Don't go breaking my heart



Naya Rivera - If I die Young



Naya Rivera - Mine



Darren Criss - Teenage Dream



Lea Michele - Cry



Lea Michele - Get it right



Lea Michele - It's all coming back to me



Group - Sing



Group - Don't stop believing



Lea Michele - Don't rain on my parade









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27 octobre 2014

Review of Begin Again (2014)



Gros coup de coeur sur ce film! Keira est magnifique tant par son talent d'actrice que par celui de chanteuse que l'on découvre grâce à ce film! On pourrait l'écouter pendant des heures!

Ma chanson préférée est définitivement celle qu'ils jouent sur le toit : "Tell Me If You Wanna Go Home"!



 Même si celle d'Adam est tout aussi bien ! Elle s'intitule "Lost Stars".


            Ce film est un hymne à la "renaissance". Gretta se voit offrir l'occasion de recommencer toute sa vie à zéro. Elle prend du recul, se questionne sur son exitence et réfléchit sur les diverses possibilités qui façonneront son futur. Sincèrement, nous aimerions tous avoir cette chance. Oublier son passé ainsi que les personnes qui l'ont composé. Se faire de nouveaux amis. Suivre enfin les rêves que l'on poursuivait et qu'on a laissé de côtés. Juste vivre au jour le jour. Essayer. Se lancer. Le parcours de cette jeune chanteuse représente une quête de soi et une rétrospection intérieure de toutes les décisions qu'elle a pu faire jusqu'ici! (Attention spoilers!!) Elle se rend compte à quel point elle a été naïve en se tenant au côté de son compagnon dont l'unique but était de réussir dans la musique avec ou sans elle. Il lui a fallu un certain temps avant de comprendre ça et nous éprouvons de suite une grande empathie pour elle car elle s'était tellement investit dans cette relation et donné de sa personne (et ses idées!). Mais c'est cette découverte (ainsi que l'infidélité de Dave) qui va la pousser à poursuivre ses propres rêves, ou en tout cas, à les reprendre là où elle les avait laissé. Gretta va alors se donner à fond et réussir.


           De plus, Mark Ruffalo est pour moi une découverte. Je ne le connaissais pas ou alors je l'avais seulement aperçu. J'aime beaucoup son style, son attitude, c'est un acteur talentueux. Il campe le personnage de Dan qui est le producteur prenant sous son aile Gretta. Va alors se développer une relation amicalement fusionnelle. Ils s'apprécient et se respectent énormément. On aime, également, le côté humoristique de certains de leurs échanges. 






           Ce film nous fait réfléchir sur ce qui est vraiment important dans la vie. La quête de soi est une longue route et notre personnalité se détermine aussi au gré des rencontres. Je pense que le cas d'Adam et Greta beaucoup de jeunes musiciens l'ont vécu. De même, que ce film peut se transposer à d'autres domaines. Chacun peut se reconnaître dans les personnages et ce même si nous ne sommes pas musiciens, chanteurs... Bref, je recommande à tout le monde de le regarder !

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